providing professional solutions @ cost-effective prices for the following services:

web-based IT solutions
- domain name selection and registration
- email and web hosting package selection
- project budgeting and scheduling
- web site design
         /~conceptual, embodiment, refinement
- web site architecture
         /~functionality, usability, aesthetics
- optimised graphics and online videos
         /~.jpg, .gif, .rm, .mov, .avi, .mpg
- copywriting services
- macromedia flash programming
         /~vector graphics .swf
- customised online interactive forms
         /~cgi configuration
- maintenance packages
         /~preventive and corrective

video presentations (corporate/product)
- story-boarding and art direction
- video production
           /~lights, cameras, props and talents
- post production
           /~analog, digital, voice overs

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sports fishing & the internet

some projects from the early days of the internet on include:

breathing space
bauer compresspors asia

ntu - school of electrical and electronic engineering (audioBeam)
singapore - MIT alliance - ntu
saint adventures

Breathing Space Bauer Compressors Asia