as part of Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical and Production (NTU),
i worked on the Design of a Virtual Training Environment final year project.

my supervisor was Assoc Prof Fok Sai Cheong and the details are as follows:

To design and examine the use of virtual environment for training

1. Introduction/Literature Review
Virtual Reality(VR) defined and its brief history
VR Systems and Applications
Virtual Reality in Training
Rehabilitation defined and its history
Limitations to conventional rehabilitation
VR and Rehabilitation

2. Case Study of a simple training excercise
Training Excercise Details

Task distibution

3. Development of a virtual training environment
VR platform and VR programming
Software and Toolkit for VR development
Methodology for development of virtual objects

- 3d model development
- 3d Studio Max R3 (Autodesk)
Methodology for development of virtual indoor environment application
- Structure of VE application
-Graphical User Interface (GUI) development
- Visual C++ (Microsoft)
- World Toolkit (Sense8)

4. Assessment the effectiveness of the virtual training environment
Application development and methodolgy

5. Conclusions with recommendations

Example of a Basic Environment
- HDB 4 room that is furnished with the basic pieces of furniture.

Virtual Training Environment Application Interface
- Multi-Document Interface (MDI) application
  using Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)
  on Visual C++ ver 6.0
- the interface consist of a scene graph dialog box
  and a VRML viewing window
- VR technology using Sense 8's WorldToolkit R9
- VE Wizard to assist rehabilitation staff to configure training environment

Literature Review 10%
Software Application 40%
Design 50%

Oral Presentation was done on 7/11/2000 @ TR3 (NTU) 11.00am

Overall Grade : B (Very Good)